The DSC is now actively involved in numerous community projects.

Food Bank Drive

The DSC is now organizing a food drive to help those in need, through the Redland Community Centre. They have a list of a basic meal pack that includes items like, Long Life Milk, Tin of Spaghetti, Tin of Baked beans, Packet of Pasta Dinner, Pasta sauces (Tuna Bake/Bolognaise), Dried Pasta, Pancake Shaker, Tin of Corn & Corn, Instant Noodels (5 pack), Biscuits (Scotch Finger), Jam spread, etc. These items are collected regularly by the Redland Community Centre for distribution in their emergency packages according to their programme for assisting those temporarily in need. Members are asked to consider collecting one or more additional items when shopping to add to our collection. Lists of items are posted near the bins and can also be seen on the Redland Community Centre’s web site.

Container Exchange Program

The DSC is now registered for the Container Exchange Program. Please drop eligible containers at any of the collection location, or the one at 53 Enterprise Street, Cleveland and use our code C10002649.

What containers can be returned?
Most drink containers between 150ml and 3 litres will be eligible for a refund. For a full list of eligible beverage containers visit or
Excluded containers include: Do not bring the below items to the centre:

  • all plain milk
  • all cordial or syrups (concentrated)
  • all concentrated pure fruit or vegetable juice
  • all registered health tonics
  • all wine and pure spirits in glass
  • all containers less than 150ml or greater than 3 litres.

Secure Bin sponsored by Grace Record Management

Do you have important documents in bulk that needs to be destroyed? The centre offers its members, a secure bin in which you can drop your documents to be safely destroyed. DSC has partnered with Grace Records Management to offer this service.

Community Links

Please find below useful information of organisations that may be of assistance for you.