Q. Is there an age requirement to join the centre?

When the centre commenced in 1987, it was purpose built for anyone over the age of 50 and above to get involved in various activities. But since 2012, the centre has re-branded itself as a community centre. Hence we welcome everyone, and there is no age restriction to join centre.

Q. What happens at the Donald Simpson Centre?

The centre promotes more than 40 different activities during the week. We also run 6-8 Bus trips a month, and 3-4 National/International Trips a year. Each activity has a convenor and they coordinate the activity for us. We also have a Cafe in house which caters for our members. So if you are new to the area, or always wondered what happened at the centre, come in for a tour during the week between 9am-4pm

Q. Is there a fees to join the centre?

Yes, there is a fees to join the centre, which runs from 1st July to 30th June. Currently new members fees are $22.00