Board Member

Marcell started working at 16 as a Stenographer for the Attorney General and Justice Department in Sydney. She has always worked in administration, for a variety of organisations, both in the Public and Private sector. Her last position in Sydney was as Executive Assistant to the CIO, IM & IT Department at the Roads and Traffic Authority.

She moved up from Sydney in 2010 to be closer to my daughter and grandchildren.

Marcell started volunteering at the DSC in 2012 as a Receptionist. In 2013 she joined the Board of the DSC and is still occupying both positions as well as becoming a Convenor for one of the activities in 2017.

She loves being involved with the DSC and what it stands for. She is very passionate about progressing the DSC to becoming a unique establishment in the Redlands, more so than what it is today.

Meet Our Board & Team Members

The Centre has many facets and we attempt to manage and maintain a smooth operation for our members. We probably make mistakes but none of the volunteers takes home anything but satisfaction in making a contribution to our community.

Board Chairman
Tony Christinson joined the Donald Simpson Board as an RDCOTA nominee in January 2010 before legislative changes caused an end to such representation…
Paul is currently acting as Treasurer for the Donald Simpson Community Centre and a member of a number of community networks.
Deputy Chairman
Chris Sheehan is Secretary of the DSC. He is a lawyer who worked for the Commonwealth Government for 30 years and is now a
Board Member
Shane has a history of corporate life and finance skills to bring to the board with the betterment of the DSC Centre and community
Board Member
Laraine Dillon is a life-long professional communicator with many strings to her bow…
Board Member
Vimal is a Commercial and Succession Lawyer with McCarthy Durie Lawyers in Cleveland…
Thomas joined the Donald Simpson Centre as Centre Manager by the appointment of the Board in 2015 to oversee all management and operations of